‘Sylvi’ new album released !

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Sylvi Cover

This is the new home for LuminaSounds, which is the label Igneous Flame uses to release his material. The original LuminaSounds site is still here (currently):
This site in intended to be more of an archive than this current one.



‘Ocean Sighs’ reviewed by John Shanahan at Hypnagogue


‘Ocean Sighs is a bit of a gamble. First, it’s a deviation from what Igneous Flame listeners might expect. But Pete Kelly’s never been one to sit still.’

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Igneous Flame, Ocean Sighs


New Igneous Flame album (1/12/16):

‘Moonglow’ new Igneous Flame album now released:



Igneous Flame album now released (26/09/16):

‘Ocean Sighs’ Igneous Flame album now released:

‘Ocean Sighs’ is a selection of ‘ambient seascapes’ which incorporate tonal drone textures and harmonic vocalisations, set against a continuous ebb and flow of treated ocean sounds. The two elements were equally considered in the construction of the tracks and are intended to be complimentary.