This is the new home for Luminasounds, which is the label Igneous Flame uses to release his material. The site will be maintained by myself (Pete Kelly AKA Igneous Flame) in a ‘blog-like’ manner, so will be more ‘conversational’ than businesslike in it’s tone.

The original Luminasounds site is still here (currently):
This site in intended to be more of an archive than this current one.


New Igneous Flame album (26/09/16):

‘Ocean Sighs’ new Igneous Flame album now released:

‘Ocean Sighs’ is a selection of ‘ambient seascapes’ which incorporate tonal drone textures and harmonic vocalisations, set against a continuous ebb and flow of treated ocean sounds. The two elements were equally considered in the construction of the tracks and are intended to be complimentary.

Another album featuring ‘ambient female voices’ is intended to be released before the end of 2016. More details to follow.