LuminaSounds is Igneous Flames’ self release imprint / label.

I keep a Blog here: which is more current than this site. BVut of late, I have been blogging very infrequently and have been more active on Instagram:

2021 News


‘Lapiz’ new album now released

Currently just available on my Bandcamp page, but will be up on the streaming sites soon:

2020 News


‘Swarm’ ‘single’ now released

‘Swarm’ was created from multiple evolving layers of e-bow / sustainer guitar drone notes – a swarm of drones.

The notes make up a chordal tonal centre – a low B root * / stacked 5ths chord.

Regarding the notes themselves, I played multiple instances of the same notes with vibrato to create single note ‘ensembles’. I also used notes without vibrato as well, to contrast.

On ‘Swarm’ I was experimenting with the differing position dependent harmonic overtones that you can get from the e-bow (relative to the pickup) and the harmonic mode options on the sustainer guitar.

(* I used a 7 string sustainer guitar and 5 string bass for the Low B)


‘Ki’ and ‘Speed of Life’ now released (Please see news page for more details)

2019 news


Argon new album released !

Bandcamp link and the usual streaming / download sites:


Indigo new album released !

A selection of tracks created from processed generative sources.

Bandcamp link, also up on all the streaming / download sites:


‘Sylvi’ new album released !

Sylvi Cover

This is the new home for LuminaSounds, which is the label Igneous Flame uses to release his material. The original LuminaSounds site is still here (currently):
This site in intended to be more of an archive than this current one.


‘Ocean Sighs’ reviewed by John Shanahan at Hypnagogue


‘Ocean Sighs is a bit of a gamble. First, it’s a deviation from what Igneous Flame listeners might expect. But Pete Kelly’s never been one to sit still.’

Full review in the ‘News‘ section and here:

Igneous Flame, Ocean Sighs

New Igneous Flame album (1/12/16):

‘Moonglow’ new Igneous Flame album now released:


Igneous Flame album now released (26/09/16):

‘Ocean Sighs’ Igneous Flame album now released:

‘Ocean Sighs’ is a selection of ‘ambient seascapes’ which incorporate tonal drone textures and harmonic vocalisations, set against a continuous ebb and flow of treated ocean sounds. The two elements were equally considered in the construction of the tracks and are intended to be complimentary.