LuminaSounds is Igneous Flames’ self release imprint / label.

I keep a Blog here: which is more current than this site. However, of late, I have been blogging very infrequently and have been more active on Instagram:

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‘Vee-lah’ new album now released:


‘Vee-lah’ is an ultra-minimal, tonal dronescape, subtley shifting over a 30 minute duration. It occupies the low frequency end of the spectrum exclusively (sub 3KHz)

I often hear Tawny owls where I live and I think their ‘hootings’ are a beautiful and haunting sound. Their calls are selectively interleaved on the ‘Strix mix’ track, which is a deeper version of ‘Vee-lah’.

The Tawny owl recordings on ‘Strix mix’ are by ‘Benboncan’
(I used the ‘Tawny Owls 2’ recording, which I processed)


‘Cobra’ new album now released, featuring kati Astraeir

Draft 35


Apologies for this site being woefully out of date, I am still working on my music and plan to have a release / releases by the end of the year !

2021 News


Michael Foster over at AmbientVisions has interviewed me regarding the motivations and making behind my ‘Lapiz’ album. Thanks Michael !

“AV: How has the current state of the world during the pandemic affected your creativity in regards to music?

PK: I feel very fortunate to have my work to focus myself with through these times. Being highly sensitive, I have picked up on the huge thought-form of fear that has been created, so I started to go inside myself more so to deal it…”


‘Lapiz’ new album now released

Currently just available on my Bandcamp page, but will be up on the streaming sites soon:

2020 News


‘Swarm’ ‘single’ now released

‘Swarm’ was created from multiple evolving layers of e-bow / sustainer guitar drone notes – a swarm of drones.

The notes make up a chordal tonal centre – a low B root * / stacked 5ths chord.

Regarding the notes themselves, I played multiple instances of the same notes with vibrato to create single note ‘ensembles’. I also used notes without vibrato as well, to contrast.

On ‘Swarm’ I was experimenting with the differing position dependent harmonic overtones that you can get from the e-bow (relative to the pickup) and the harmonic mode options on the sustainer guitar.

(* I used a 7 string sustainer guitar and 5 string bass for the Low B)


‘Ki’ and ‘Speed of Life’ now released (Please see news page for more details)

2019 news


Argon new album released !

Bandcamp link and the usual streaming / download sites:


Indigo new album released !

A selection of tracks created from processed generative sources.

Bandcamp link, also up on all the streaming / download sites:


‘Sylvi’ new album released !

Sylvi Cover

This is the new home for LuminaSounds, which is the label Igneous Flame uses to release his material. The original LuminaSounds site is still here (currently):
This site in intended to be more of an archive than this current one.


‘Ocean Sighs’ reviewed by John Shanahan at Hypnagogue


‘Ocean Sighs is a bit of a gamble. First, it’s a deviation from what Igneous Flame listeners might expect. But Pete Kelly’s never been one to sit still.’

Full review in the ‘News‘ section and here:

Igneous Flame, Ocean Sighs

New Igneous Flame album (1/12/16):

‘Moonglow’ new Igneous Flame album now released:


Igneous Flame album now released (26/09/16):

‘Ocean Sighs’ Igneous Flame album now released:

‘Ocean Sighs’ is a selection of ‘ambient seascapes’ which incorporate tonal drone textures and harmonic vocalisations, set against a continuous ebb and flow of treated ocean sounds. The two elements were equally considered in the construction of the tracks and are intended to be complimentary.