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‘Sylvi’ new album released !

I’ve just released my new album entitled ‘Sylvi‘, which is an ambient guitar (and fretless bass) work.

Sylvi Cover

The primary instrumentation used was electric guitar, fretless bass, nylon string guitar and the ebow. The ebow was used on the electric and the fretless (which is a somewhat more unusual approach) to create melodic lines and low pitched swells. The electric contributed the main chordal and melodic parts.

Lots of guitar techniques were employed – slide guitar (electric), clean guitar swells (‘violin-ing’ – using a volume pedal).

In compositional terms, I tried to combine individual elements from the guitars and bass on each track,  intending them to work as a whole. I avoided ‘noodling’ and playing overtly solo parts, using more restrained figures and lines.

There are some other sourced sounds on the album too, but they are pretty much ‘in the minority’ – the processed guitar parts forming the accompanying drones and textures

The production is somewhat ‘muted’ in terms of the high frequency elements, purposefully. I didn’t want it to sound overly bright. considering the ‘tone’ of the tracks.

‘Sylvi’ is a primarily sonorous work, with a smattering of more ‘oblique’ tracks included.

Brief Equipment used list (for those interested in such things):

Electric guitars – Tokai LoveRock, Yamaha 112 (modified), Tanglewood Les Paul copy (on the track ‘Helmi’)

ESP Ltd  B-205SMFL 5 string Fretless Bass:

This is a lovely instrument, it’s right handed, but I played it upside down (I’m left-handed), it has ground wound strings on it, which are a nice compromise between roundwounds and flatwounds.

‘Cuenca’ Nylon string guitar (1983)

Zoom G5n:

Used as the preamp for all guitar and bass parts (a Zoom 8080 was also used as well) Very versatile !

Nebula Cabinet libraries (Ownhammer Blufunk):

Used for all the overdriven / distortion sounds (mostly the ebow tones) Still the best thing for these sounds, IMO.

Last but not least – the mighty ebow !

I’ve used the ebow for a long time, it’s a fantastic thing in it’s own right, but I find it needs considerable technique to get it to sound good. It’s very dynamic.


Lowna‘ free Track from ‘Sylvi’ sessions:


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